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Born and raised in Tuskegee,Alabama, Hycall Brooks,III is the third child of the late Hycall Brooks Jr. and Portia Brooks. Most of his young adult life, our pastor was raised in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. When he was a teenager, his older brother introduced him to a Holiness Church. It was during these early years that he received the Holy Ghost with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance. After a couple years, he began to drift away from active participation in the church.

 He matriculated to Howard University (Washington, D.C.) in the fall of 1983. He began developing his speaking skills on the Debate Team. He became captain of the debate team after earning a Debate Scholarship. He graduated in three years with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, cum laude, in Political Science. Furthermore, he matriculated to the Univesity of Virginia School of Law (Charlottesville, VA) in the fall of 1986. He graduated in 1989 and continues to practice law in the State of Alabama until present.

  He married the love of his life, Kemi Brooks on August 4, 1990. They remain deeply committed to each other. They currently have six wonderful children.

  In the fall of 1992 our pastor met his future mentor in the gospel, Bishop Heron Johnson. He and our first lady began attending Faith Apostolic Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  Shortly after attending Faith Apostolic,  they were baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ. They were faithful members of their church.

  In the spring of 1996, our pastor acknowledged his call to the ministry. He preached his trial sermon at Faith Apostolic on April 28, 1996 ("He Sent His Word"). He worked on the ministerial staff at Faith Apostolic until 2002, when his pastor assigned him to minister to a small church congregation in Tuscaloosa, Alabama whose own pastor had relocated to Nevada. After a period of faithful service in Tuscaloosa, he was assigned as the Assistant Pastor of Faith Apostolic Church of Tuscaloosa.

  During the summer of 2004, Bishop Johnson approached our pastor and let him know that a church in Brighton, Alabama had been purchased. There was an  opportunity to start a work. Being led by the Spirit of God, our pastor accepted and on September 24, 2004, we held our first service at 1134 Ontario Street, Brighton,Alabama. In 2009 the ministry connected itself to the International Alliance of Apostolic Ministries, under the dynamic leadership of Presiding Bishop Rick August (Pastor of Greater Grace Apostolic Assembly in Biloxi, Mississippi).  We remain committed to the Kingdom of God. Because of the growth of the ministry we moved to a larger facility located at 275 Forest Road, Suite 100, Hueytown, Alabama 35203 on April 1, 2012. He and his wife are faithfully serving the members and guests of The Lion's Cross Apostolic Church.

                        Our pastor's biography is still being written....

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